Latkes, latkes and more latkes!!!

It’s Chanukah time – time to light the candles, play the dreidel and of course eat potato latkes and lots of them.  Here is my take on a CenturyOld Tradition . ….I decided to make them out of……. pumpkin . “Eeuwwwwwwwww”  my son said, but I went ahead with my idea anyway.

My biggest skeptic mashing the pumpkin.

We added flour, eggs, salt and started to fry them…

don’t they look tasty…. and they are not even ready yet.

Here is the finished product, shhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone I bent some rules 🙂

Happy Chanukah!!!!!!!!

…and one more thing, my biggest skeptic ate 7 latkes in 3 minutes –You are welcome !!!

About Ariana

I came to USA about 20 years from former USSR. I am an American Citizen with a heavy Russian Accent. My two boys always make fun of my English. I love to write, I usually do it for me, but if you would like to stop and leave a comment it would be great! I ‘d love to share with you my American World with the hint of my Russian Personality.
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7 Responses to Latkes, latkes and more latkes!!!

  1. Audrey says:

    This recipe sounded fantastic and then after tasting one, Oh My Gosh! Now I have to make them and test it on my family.

  2. Pumpkin latkes? That sounds divine. I’ve made sweet potato ones but I bet these are sweeter, and of course, no potato.

    Thank you for sharing this new option!

  3. Thank you gmomj. Do you have a blog? Please send a link.

  4. leahsinger says:

    Thanks for visiting my site today. And I LOVE this idea of using pumpkin! I have some leftover pumpkin that I may have to use for this. Thank you! I’ll be back to your blog!

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