The anti-bucket list.

You guys all know about the bucket list – right? Did you start it yet, are you done with yours  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been working on mine forever and it’s not even half done. I am not sure if I have enough time in my life to complete everything on it, but it’s fun to toy with an idea, that one day I will be in the audience on SNL ( I submitted my name twice for a lottery and so far no phone call from them). It’s also fun to think that one day I will spend a month in Krishna temple, where I will cleanse my body and soul, just like Elizabeth Gilbert, who later went on to Oprah (another bucket list stop that will never happen for me) and made millions writing about it in her book “Eat, Pray, Love” .

Yes, it’s all fun, but you know what’s even more fun is to create a “Fu*k it” list! Ellie from Elena Rensley had created her “Fu*k it” list and I absolutely loved the idea, so here is mine:

Never again will I fit in size 4 clothes. (Heidi Klum is not a real person, giving birth to 4 kids and looking like her is not humanly possibly).

I will never complete a parachute jump (I am petrified of heights, the closest thing I came to is Ziplining)

Never achieve a perfectly clean house or closets (home is where the mess is!).

Follow the latest fashion trends (call me an old-fashion, but I still like my morning paper delivered to my front door).

Will never be a runner(I tried once and almost killed myself).

Understand what American Football is! (don’t try to explain it to me, I will never get it).

Like white chocolate (it suppose to be black, people!, everything else is just like eating sweet fat).

   Do you see the difference, I dont!

Care about Star Wars! (Cinnabon buns on Princess Leah’s head?!…..)

Worry about who likes me. (Comes with the territory – love to be in my 40s).


About Ariana

I came to USA about 20 years from former USSR. I am an American Citizen with a heavy Russian Accent. My two boys always make fun of my English. I love to write, I usually do it for me, but if you would like to stop and leave a comment it would be great! I ‘d love to share with you my American World with the hint of my Russian Personality.
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18 Responses to The anti-bucket list.

  1. totsymae1011 says:

    And what a cool list you have here, Ariana. I’m not gonna worry about that size 4 either. I barely got in the size six pants, and when I think about it, a photo of that image could land me your spot on SNL. 🙂 I’m also with you on the white chocolate. Not much of a taste to me.

    • Ariana says:

      You and I both, I still try to get into my 6 size pants, when I can barely get in in size 8 now, but you know what , I don’t regret one pound I gained along the way!

  2. Kathy says:

    This is great. I’m off to make my own list.

    I see that American football is on your list. I’ve been here forever and don’t understand it–to me it’s all run-and-fall-down-run-and-fall-down–and furthermore, I don’t want to understand it. I have a feeling the tailgate parties are all the matter anyway.

  3. Shary Hover says:

    I’m with you 100% on jumping out of an airplane. Never ever ever. I don’t think I could even do a zip line. My mother, on the other hand, wants to try hang gliding. I will cheer her on from the ground, thank you very much.

  4. Bella says:

    It’s official! You’ve inspired me to do my own F list! Yours is super complete and I have to agree that sadly, I too will never be a size four. Although, what am I saying? I’ve never been a size four! Lets make that, I’ll never again be a size 10! Size 16, you’ll be with me till the day I kick the bucket! Sigh. 🙂

    • Ariana says:

      Bella, I can’t wait to read your list. About the size. They had a saying in Russia – it goes something like that – a good person has to be a good (means big) size, so it would be enough of him to share with everyone. I know it’s kind of lost in translation, but I hope you get the meaning of what I am trying to say, basically – size matters – the bigger, the better (hehehe)

  5. Ellie says:

    Hey…thanks for the link back to my site. I am glad you liked the idea so much you had to share it – but as I have confessed, it wasn’t my original idea, and I am still waiting for the inspirational lady to come forward. Hopefully one day we will be able to pass on all full thanks – now that is omething that wont be going on my fuck it list!

  6. Jen says:

    I think american football is just something you have to grow up with to understand, anyway baseball is sooo much better anyway!

    And since I’ve been know to curse like a sailor from time to time I totally agree with your need to publish this f@*k it list! Sometimes a gal’s just gotta let it out!

    I agree with you on the white chocolate, it is gross for sure, yuck and like you i can’t think of a thing on my body that has ever been a size four, jeez…..

    Enjoyed your list Ariana!

  7. Leah says:

    This is a great list. And I agree with you on several points. I’m not a big white chocolate fan. And I can’t stand football. And I’ve lived here all my life!

  8. Michael Ann says:

    Ha! So many things on your list would be on mind too. Do NOT like white chocolate. It really isn’t chocolate at all, it is just candy. Have no idea why they even call it chocolate! Do not understand football and I grew up with a brother who played it and a dad who loves to watch it. Love me some baseball though. Will NEVER jump out of plane. Doesn’t even appeal to me. I do wear a small size. Smaller than 4. It’s just the way I am, don’t hit me! BUT, I will never have a flat stomach no matter how many sit-ups I do. Boo! Great post!

  9. Ariana says:

    Oh girl, I will be hating you (hehehe) smaller that a size 4!!! How inconsiderate and that after having 2 kids! If you are going to come up with the list, I can’t wait to read it.
    White chocolate – who came up with it? It’s not a real thing. The darker the better!

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  11. Eden says:

    Laughed at the list… Wonderful idea (That you Ariana …and Ellie, if only for perpetuating it), and I think when I’m ready for my next blog post, I will be posting my own. =)

    Parachuting? Nope. Size 4? Heck, I was in a size 12 by 6th grade (even at my skinniest, I was never small). But white chocolate? If I could find some actual GOOD white chocolate (and trust me, most of it isn’t good, even designer stuff like Godiva), I’d love it. Most of the stuff out there doesn’t even have real cocoa butter in it anymore. Technically, no, it’s not “chocolate” since it doesn’t have the cocoa mass in it (though some less pure stuff might), but if it’s the real stuff, it may have more actual cocoa bean in it than some of the cheap kid’s chocolate.

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