I’ve been busy for a while.

I have been away for a while, actually for a very long while. I have been away for so long that I am not even sure that there any readers left to read my blahg (yes I am using this word – it is a combination of the word blog and the word blah), but now since Mad Men is over and summer days are here I think I will write a little again.

In case you were wondering what I was up to all these time, here it is:

I cleaned up my inbox. I just couldn’t looking at 8000 emails staring me in the face every morning, so one day without going through any of them I clicked delete button on All of them! Ahhhhhhhh, what a relief!


I attended my son’s graduation, and let me go on the record and say I am so happy that he graduated and got to move on to high school – no academic or sports achievements to report, just your average teen who is keeps telling me that middle school does not matter for college and promising to get better for high school.

I am a proud mama of a handsome boy in a purple shirt without a tie

I am a proud mama of a handsome boy in a purple shirt without a tie.

I matched my cast (oh yes, I forgot to mention that I broke my ankle) to my toenails. Whoever says 40s are the new 20s have to check their bone density .

I am always color coordinated :)

I am always color coordinated 🙂

I crossed some of the things off my bucket list – like riding on the scooter in the grocery store.

cast 2

I picked up baking and drinking, as a result of it I packed on a few extra pounds.

wine barrels plazinta

Last but not least, I wrote a letter to President Putin asking him to consider to be on the “Bachelor” since he is now the most eligible guy out there.

putin 6 putin 5 putin 3 a race-car driver                      a hand- glider pilot                        an equestrian

putin 2 putin1 .... and simply  just a cute, cute guy. a pet lover,                                    a pianist,                                  a player

As you can see I’ve busy for a while, now summer is here and I am off again. I am hopping on my good leg all the way to the Lake Superior – to hike, to dive,  and of course to celebrate America’s birthday! 



About Ariana

I came to USA about 20 years from former USSR. I am an American Citizen with a heavy Russian Accent. My two boys always make fun of my English. I love to write, I usually do it for me, but if you would like to stop and leave a comment it would be great! I ‘d love to share with you my American World with the hint of my Russian Personality.
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8 Responses to I’ve been busy for a while.

  1. cyclingrandma says:

    Welcome back. Hope the ankle heals well. Take care of yourself!

  2. Leah says:

    Nice to se you! Your loyal readers are still here. Congrats to your son and take care of your ankle.

    • Ariana says:

      Thank you Leah! I got to tell you it was a challenge this year with Max, he insisted that middles school doesn’t matter. I am really hoping for a different attidude from him in high school. Enjoy summer, it looks like you and Sophie are having fun!

  3. Yes, we are still here! I would definitely watch that Batchelor show 🙂

    • Ariana says:

      He still did not respond to me, what if all the women who want to watch him would write to him. If he would be on the “batchelor” it would keep him away from allowing Snowden into Russia. Double win!

  4. Good to see you back! Love your cast. Putin really is a player! But my favorite line in your post is this one: “Whoever says 40s are the new 20s have to check their bone density.” You’ve said a mouthful!

    • Ariana says:

      Thanks Monica, I tell you – I did not do anything out of ordinary and oops my bone broke, nothing like this would’ve happen to me when I was in my 20s . I do read your posts even thou I don’t leave any comments…..

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