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My almost breif encounter with Ben Affleck.

I am not sure if you aware, but Detroit is a new black!  Good things are happening here: new constructions, new businesses, new housings, even Hollywood moved in. This Morning our company received a phone call from one of the … Continue reading

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The story of an old rug.

So way, way back in the old country none of us had much of anything, some of you who read my old posts know that everyone had kind of the same stuff, so to speak. The biggest difference in peoples’ … Continue reading

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How not to sell items on eBay.

Honestly, how many of you have tried to sell your old stuff on Ebay? I am sure if I ask all of my followers, I will probably get a dozen of raised hands. And how many of you actually sold … Continue reading

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Go jump off the bridge.

Growing up how many times did you hear parents saying, “So, if your friends jump from the bridge, you will do it too?” – did you just roll your eyes and feel stupid about whatever it is you did prior … Continue reading

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Renovation, day three – who is walking up there?

When my renovation project started I was promised 3 weeks of construction, What 3 weeks, I thought. Nothing. Well it’s been 3 days and I am over it….. Max and I were having a quiet dinner when we heard noises … Continue reading

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It’s not really worth it.

So my hubby and I were talking about the lottery, you know the half a billion dollars lottery that is going to make somebody rich and miserable. This is what it comes down to: After taking a lump sum and … Continue reading

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The latest situation at work.

….and just to prove to you that my glass is always half full, (see my previous post) here is the latest situation at work. Tuesday, 2 days before Thanksgiving around 4:30 p.m: Johnny: OK, good night everyone, I will see … Continue reading

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Excuses, excuses……

How many of us during our school years used this excuse – I am sorry, but my dog ate my homework. I did not have a dog growing up, but I had an older brother – it was always his … Continue reading

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What I overheard on the cruise and had to share it with you.

I normally don’t make fun of old people – I was raised to respect and to honor them, plus I know it’s just a matter of a few years until I am one of them, but this episode is just … Continue reading

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Freaky Friday

Max can fly.

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