The story of an old rug.

So way, way back in the old country none of us had much of anything, some of you who read my old posts know that everyone had kind of the same stuff, so to speak.

The biggest difference in peoples’ apartments was the amount of books they owned. Some of us had big libraries, some had none and its not because they didn’t want to collect books , it’s just they probably did not have room in their tiny rooms, but there is one more thing…..

….Rugs! Yes, Rugs. Every Soviet family had to have a Persian rug- either on their floors or even better, on their walls! To hang a rug on your wall meant that you finally made it and you have a certain status.

My beloved grandma Pearl was very upset that her only daughter doesn’t have the rug on the wall for everyone to see. She was saving every penny for years and finally one fine day I came home from school and saw a beautiful rug on a large wall in our main room (mind you we only had one bedroom apartment, where my parents, my brother and I lived), which served as a living room, dining room and my parent’s bedroom. Yes, grandma was happy now, as her only child finally had a a status! She made it! She had a rug on her wall just like everyone else.

Lets move forward few years, I am getting married and once again there is a question about the rug.

– Kids are getting married – my mom said and we are getting them their own Persian rug. I will stay in line for months if necessary, but my daughter will have a rug just like everyone one else in the family.

-Mom, we really don’t care about it, we love our hardwood floor and we don’t want

to cover it! – I tried to reason with her.

– It’s not for your floors, you will hang it on your main wall!

– I don’t like rugs on walls! – I tried again.

-You don’t know what you’re talking about, papa and I are getting you a rug.

Who am I to argue with my parents?

We were the lucky one, we didn’t have to wait half of our lives just like our parents. We got ours right away as a wedding gift, look who has a status now?!

Proudly we laid it on our floors in our studio apartment and yes and to my moms horror we walked on it….

By the time we were ready to move to the USA the poor rug was stepped on, peed on by our newly born and seen some pretty nasty stuff by lots and lots of friends who happened to stay in our place when we were away.

– Mom, can we sell our rug, we don’t need it in America? – I asked .

-What? Do you know how hard papa and I worked to get this rug for you?

-Do you think there are no rugs in America? -I was trying to be a smart ass about it.

-It’s not the point! This is your wedding gift and we are packing and shipping the rug with the rest of our belongings.

To my moms disappointment, every apartment in America had carpet. We rolled

our wedding gift and put it away with the rest of the stuff we brought with us

like bedding sheets that don’t feet American beds,  towels…..and…whatever else…

My mom still proudly lays her Persian rug on top of her carpet and then complains to me that she has developed dust allergy.

– Mom, did you ever consider to put the rug away, maybe this will help you with your allergies- I asked her once, twice few times, but she wont listen to me.

Our rug for the past 20 years was rolled up in the basement, but recently it found a new

home. My son found a brand new love for our Persian rug, he maybe inherited some of my grandma Pearl’s genes, he took it with him when he moved to Chicago.

– Hey son, be careful with it! It’s my wedding gift!



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How not to sell items on eBay.

Honestly, how many of you have tried to sell your old stuff on Ebay? I am sure if I ask all of my followers, I will probably get a dozen of raised hands. And how many of you actually sold anything? Were you satisfied with your Ebay selling experience? Let me repeat the question: were you satisfied with your selling (not buying) experience? Really?! You were?! Hmm, interesting.
Let me tell you about how I was trying to sell stuff on Ebay and give you few tips of what not to do on Ebay. Hopefully in the future it will help you to run your own successful Ebay shop.
In my young and worry free days I was a shoe lover. I bought and bought and bought and before I knew it I had a closet full of shoes that were worn once or twice. Believe me I am far, far away from Imelda Marcus or Carrie Bradshaw (remember them?), but I was bad.
Now that I am much wiser and thriftier, I kicked my habit of buying shoes for no reason and with my friend’s encouragement, I decided to sell some of them and get at least some money back.
Here is my story:
One gloomy winter afternoon I decided to clean my closet and boom- I found about 5 pairs of shoes that were worn twice or even less and are now just sitting in their original boxes and collecting dust. I shared my excitement with my hubby. Needless to say he was less excited plus he accused me of being an over-spender, blah, blah, blah. All of my attempts to explain to him how I got a good deal on my shoes and how I enjoyed them failed… To win his love back I promised him that I will sell my old new shoes on Ebay and get my money back.

All my shiny Stuart Weitzmans lined up on my basement floor – pictures taken and downloaded to my laptop. Time to set up an Ebay and PayPal account, but with some little difficulties, done! Phew! I feel so computer savvy. Tip number one – don’t ever think you are computer or Ebay savvy, especially when you are doing this for the first time.
With my last “good bye” I listed all of my shoes and waited for bids. I knew bids would come right away, who wouldn’t want to buy my shiny “babies”. I’ve waited for a day, two, three – nothing, finally at the end of a week I received a note that all my shoes were sold for 99 cents. Tip number two – see tip number one!

Shut the front door! I am not selling them for 99 cents! Now I am involved in the long and nasty “conversation” with the bidder who is not budging and keeps telling me that it’s my fault I listed my items at this price . She threatened me with negative feedback! Wait a minute lady, I am just a rookie, I don’t even know what feedback is, or how to list my shoes for more than 99 cents. Please don’t explain it to me now – I figured it out. Once again see tip number one!
To make this long story short, I decided to wait for a few months- after all, who needs strappy shoes in February.
I re-listed my shoes again in May, June, and now July, plus I added a trumpet – do you guys need a shiny trumpet, it’s beautiful and you can play music on it, I paid fees to Ebay by using their services, I fought with another bidder, I got negative feedback on my page, I listed all of the above items on Craigslist and yet nothing is sold. My husband lost faith in my entrepreneurial skills, but I am not defeated next stop – donations for tax refund – buhaha.


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Go jump off the bridge.

Growing up how many times did you hear parents saying, “So, if your friends jump from the bridge, you will do it too?” – did you just roll your eyes and feel stupid about whatever it is you did prior to having this conversation with your old folks?
How many times did you say the same thing to your kids hoping that now it’s their turn to feel stupid?
Well, times have changed – I am still feeling pretty stupid.

bridge 2

bridge 1

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I’ve been busy for a while.

I have been away for a while, actually for a very long while. I have been away for so long that I am not even sure that there any readers left to read my blahg (yes I am using this word – it is a combination of the word blog and the word blah), but now since Mad Men is over and summer days are here I think I will write a little again.

In case you were wondering what I was up to all these time, here it is:

I cleaned up my inbox. I just couldn’t looking at 8000 emails staring me in the face every morning, so one day without going through any of them I clicked delete button on All of them! Ahhhhhhhh, what a relief!


I attended my son’s graduation, and let me go on the record and say I am so happy that he graduated and got to move on to high school – no academic or sports achievements to report, just your average teen who is keeps telling me that middle school does not matter for college and promising to get better for high school.

I am a proud mama of a handsome boy in a purple shirt without a tie

I am a proud mama of a handsome boy in a purple shirt without a tie.

I matched my cast (oh yes, I forgot to mention that I broke my ankle) to my toenails. Whoever says 40s are the new 20s have to check their bone density .

I am always color coordinated :)

I am always color coordinated 🙂

I crossed some of the things off my bucket list – like riding on the scooter in the grocery store.

cast 2

I picked up baking and drinking, as a result of it I packed on a few extra pounds.

wine barrels plazinta

Last but not least, I wrote a letter to President Putin asking him to consider to be on the “Bachelor” since he is now the most eligible guy out there.

putin 6 putin 5 putin 3 a race-car driver                      a hand- glider pilot                        an equestrian

putin 2 putin1 .... and simply  just a cute, cute guy. a pet lover,                                    a pianist,                                  a player

As you can see I’ve busy for a while, now summer is here and I am off again. I am hopping on my good leg all the way to the Lake Superior – to hike, to dive,  and of course to celebrate America’s birthday! 


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Last year on this day I was celebrating my 24th wedding anniversary and planning my celebration for the upcoming year. I’m not sure if you remember but I had big plans  – we were supposed to go back to Russia……
Well, the year came and went and guess what… our plans changed. We decided that Russia will always be there and we would be better off to go there when Mr. Putin will not be in charge. (This might never happen, but we shall live and see).
Back to me and my celebration of quarter of a century living with my hubby. Since we did not go anywhere, I decided to invest in me. No no, no, it’s not what you think – no plastic surgeries, no enhancements of any kind….we built a new closet and remodeled our master bathroom. Yes, I know it’s not very romantic…..but at this point what’s more important – organized shoe rack, or expensive trip to cold, cold land,  which one day will happen anyway.
So here are some pictures for you to either hate or to love my idea of celebrating my marriage.








get-attachment (1)

get-attachmentAnd just one more, to let you know that this is my 25th wedding anniversary:

get-attachment (2)




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Renovation, day three – who is walking up there?

When my renovation project started I was promised 3 weeks of construction, What 3 weeks, I thought. Nothing. Well it’s been 3 days and I am over it…..

Max and I were having a quiet dinner when we heard noises coming from the second floor.

Max: Mom, who is walking up there , I thought everybody left already.

Me: Nobody is up there, stop panicking. (Even though Max is as tall as his father, he is still only 13 years old and depends on me to fight burglars and intruders when his father is away.)

Max: Mom, do you hear that? Someone is still walking upstairs. Did you put alarm on?

Me: You’re right. I hear something too. I am going to check it out.

I grabbed the largest kitchen knife and went upstairs. By the way, Max did not follow me; I was on my own to fight whoever was disturbing our dinner.

Now picture this: The floor is completely stripped in my bathroom and there are huge holes in the walls. Apparently Peaches, the most important member of our family, at least he thinks so, got into one of the hole in the wall and while trying to wiggle out of it fell and got stuck between the floor and the ceiling, making all this noise.



Mystery is solved – we finished our dinner in peace.

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Let the madness begin!

…… I started this morning with  apology  for being rude for the next few weeks and this is why:

Major renovation! Day 1:


You know what this means?

This means that it is really happening and there is no way back!

This means discomfort, arguments  and occasional b/o ( not from me silly – I leave with boys),  but at the end of all this madness I will be rewarded with a brand new walk – in closet and a new bathroom.  …..and what girl wouldn’t sacrifice few weeks of her life and a life of her love ones for an organized shelves of shoes, shoes and more shoes.

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