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How not to sell items on eBay.

Honestly, how many of you have tried to sell your old stuff on Ebay? I am sure if I ask all of my followers, I will probably get a dozen of raised hands. And how many of you actually sold … Continue reading

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You’ve got mail or how to cure your migraine.

 I am a very loyal customer of AOL and I think I am addicted to the phrase “You’ve got mail“.   I have been with AOL from the beginning of times-or should I say email times. As soon as I … Continue reading

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….and this is how we do it.

Hello my dear readers! I have been away for far too long. I wrote my last post two weeks ago “I want whatever you want” and I am happy to report that we made an executive decision to visit Russia … Continue reading

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100 words for my 100th post.

According to WordPress this is my 100th post! I could never have imagined that whatever I had to say would be welcomed in the blogging world so this post is for you – my followers, my occasional readers,  my stumble uponers, … Continue reading

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So I have been blogging for a while….

So I have been blogging for a while now…..a whole year to be exact. What did I learn if anything. It seems to me that everyone who writes about what they’ve learned since they started blogging get freshly pressed. I’m … Continue reading

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