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Crêpe, crêpe and more crêpe.

Traveling and cooking are my two greatest passions. My work, my kids and my budget are really interfering with my traveling plans right now, so that leaves me with my other passion – cooking! Even now I am writing this … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Dinner, Mmmmm, whats that smell?!?!?!? Part II

On the day when all the Jews in the world are fasting and asking G-d for forgiveness, I decided to write a post about food. I did not plan it this way, it’s just that this particular post has sat … Continue reading

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Chmaxing for Rosh Hashanah!

Every self-respected Jew on the night of Rush Hashanah is sitting down with his family and close friends for dinner. The dinner should consist of the most delicious Jewish food on the planet; and yes, if you make Gefilte fish … Continue reading

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Cuban Dinner – Mmmmm What’s that smell !?!!!! Part I.

Sometimes I think that I love food more than I love X-E-S,(oops did I just say this out loud, shhhhhhhhhhh, please don’t tell anyone, especially my hubby. I had to be creative in writing too because there is a huge … Continue reading

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Chmaxing for Passover!

It’s Passover time and that means  spring is here, even though there is snow on the ground. Passover is a wonderful family holiday, even though eating Matzoh for the next 8 days could be very challenging. I have a confession … Continue reading

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What would Tony say?!

I’ve always loved to cook! I’ve always loved, loved to cook and create new food memories.  I am proud to say that I could cook up a feast for 10-15 people and enjoyed every minute of it. Cooking gives me … Continue reading

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Heavenly Hummentashen

My younger son wants to be a chef, when he grows up. We totally support him and with our support came an idea: Chmax Show! original design by Max. It is the show where Chef Max (get it: ChMax) is cooking … Continue reading

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