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Brain + Beauty = Harmony. TBT!

It has  been the longest and the hardest winter that I can ever remember. We have not seen the ground since October, everywhere you look you see piles of snow covered with ice,  but no I am not here to … Continue reading

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Me: Max, please do something other than playing a  video game. Max: Like what? Me: Maybe you can do something intellectual, like  read a book, or check if you have some work from school, do something good for your brain. … Continue reading

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Go jump off the bridge.

Growing up how many times did you hear parents saying, “So, if your friends jump from the bridge, you will do it too?” – did you just roll your eyes and feel stupid about whatever it is you did prior … Continue reading

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Renovation, day three – who is walking up there?

When my renovation project started I was promised 3 weeks of construction, What 3 weeks, I thought. Nothing. Well it’s been 3 days and I am over it….. Max and I were having a quiet dinner when we heard noises … Continue reading

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LNL or L2R (learn new language or learn to read – your pick).

With so much happening in the world these days, I could choose any topic to write about:  Berlusconi era ends, Egypt closes Great Pyramid,  Pen-State Sex scandal, World Street Protesters, Mississippi voters reject anti-abortion initiative, Veterans day, 11-11-11 day,  but it’s Friday again, so I … Continue reading

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If kids could rule the world…

I am not a mommy-blogger, but I am a mom and I would like to talk about kids in this particular post. I knew it all along, but I just could not say it aloud and finally I am ready … Continue reading

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The words we use…

My 12 year-old: Mom, why can’t I swear? All my friends are swearing and I want to do it too. Me: What?! What do you mean they are swearing? And NO you are not allowed to swear! My 12 year-old: … Continue reading

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Lights, Camera, Auction!

Russian community of Detroit is not the largest one and it is not very tight one either, but I’m trying to do my part to support our little community by using services of the same Russian immigrants just like myself. … Continue reading

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Our life in seasons of the year.

Back when I was in school studying the Russian literature we had to describe our feelings and our moods using the 4 seasons of the year. I revisited this idea using the photographs of my mom. Spring mom is 15 … Continue reading

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Heavenly Hummentashen

My younger son wants to be a chef, when he grows up. We totally support him and with our support came an idea: Chmax Show! original design by Max. It is the show where Chef Max (get it: ChMax) is cooking … Continue reading

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