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Brain + Beauty = Harmony. TBT!

It has  been the longest and the hardest winter that I can ever remember. We have not seen the ground since October, everywhere you look you see piles of snow covered with ice,  but no I am not here to … Continue reading

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Me: Max, please do something other than playing a  video game. Max: Like what? Me: Maybe you can do something intellectual, like  read a book, or check if you have some work from school, do something good for your brain. … Continue reading

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Go jump off the bridge.

Growing up how many times did you hear parents saying, “So, if your friends jump from the bridge, you will do it too?” – did you just roll your eyes and feel stupid about whatever it is you did prior … Continue reading

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Renovation, day three – who is walking up there?

When my renovation project started I was promised 3 weeks of construction, What 3 weeks, I thought. Nothing. Well it’s been 3 days and I am over it….. Max and I were having a quiet dinner when we heard noises … Continue reading

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LNL or L2R (learn new language or learn to read – your pick).

With so much happening in the world these days, I could choose any topic to write about:  Berlusconi era ends, Egypt closes Great Pyramid,  Pen-State Sex scandal, World Street Protesters, Mississippi voters reject anti-abortion initiative, Veterans day, 11-11-11 day,  but it’s Friday again, so I … Continue reading

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If kids could rule the world…

I am not a mommy-blogger, but I am a mom and I would like to talk about kids in this particular post. I knew it all along, but I just could not say it aloud and finally I am ready … Continue reading

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The words we use…

My 12 year-old: Mom, why can’t I swear? All my friends are swearing and I want to do it too. Me: What?! What do you mean they are swearing? And NO you are not allowed to swear! My 12 year-old: … Continue reading

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