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Brain + Beauty = Harmony. TBT!

It has  been the longest and the hardest winter that I can ever remember. We have not seen the ground since October, everywhere you look you see piles of snow covered with ice,  but no I am not here to … Continue reading

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Me: Max, please do something other than playing a  video game. Max: Like what? Me: Maybe you can do something intellectual, like  read a book, or check if you have some work from school, do something good for your brain. … Continue reading

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Go jump off the bridge.

Growing up how many times did you hear parents saying, “So, if your friends jump from the bridge, you will do it too?” – did you just roll your eyes and feel stupid about whatever it is you did prior … Continue reading

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Bring your kids to work day!

Hubby: Do you think I should take Max to work with me next Thursday? Me: Sure, he would love it and plus if you ask him he would rather go with you than go to school, but let’s ask him. … Continue reading

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Our Halloween costumes – 18 years and counting….

I have been experiencing blogging dry spell. It seems to me that I have nothing to say anymore, but I know it’s simply not true.  I have plenty to say, I just can’t put my words together, so today instead … Continue reading

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Heavenly Hummentashen

My younger son wants to be a chef, when he grows up. We totally support him and with our support came an idea: Chmax Show! original design by Max. It is the show where Chef Max (get it: ChMax) is cooking … Continue reading

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One weekend in the country.

For some of you who know me it’s not a secret that I really, really, really don’t like winter, well not so much winter itself, but the length of it!!! It lasts here in Michigan “forever”. Since this year was … Continue reading

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