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The apocalypse is coming – I am rhyming now.

Here is my attempt to write poetry: First is my Russian version and second is my lose English translation of the Russian version. Я оставлю этот мрачный, серый край,  Где сырость, снег, туман гуляет постоянно, Я уезжаю в южный и … Continue reading

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Ode to heart.

Isn’t clever that the most romantic and totally made up hallmark holiday happens to be in February -Heart Awareness Month. According to the medical dictionary heart is  a hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic … Continue reading

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For mothers!

Mom – the first word from the lips of a child. Mom – hope, love and support. Mom – a confession, always protecting and forgiving us We all are a piece of her, but we often understand this too late . Happy Mother’s day to all wonderful moms … Continue reading

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Romance is well and alive!

I keep no secret that I am in my 40s and married for 22 wonderful years. As great as my marriage is , my romantic life is  pretty much over.  I do miss the Romance and once in a while  … Continue reading

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