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Last year on this day I was celebrating my 24th wedding anniversary and planning my celebration for the upcoming year. I’m not sure if you remember but I had big plans  – we were supposed to go back to Russia…… … Continue reading

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I lost my inspiration until…..

I know, I know have been out for a long time,  I am sorry but I could not find anything that would inspire me to write again,  until my mom mentioned to me that she was watching a program on … Continue reading

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pol·i·tics – the art of goverment or governing.

    My dear readers, I am not a political person. In fact I stay far, far way from politics, but 2012 is a huge year for politics – domestic and overseas.   Tonight, while you and I are sleeping, … Continue reading

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How I failed to conduct an interview….

I found out recently that conducting an interview is a lot harder than giving one. I follow this wonderful blog, “self-expressions“; the creator of it is Olga, she is an English teacher in Russia. She is fluent in both languages … Continue reading

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Valuable suggestion No. 2

We sprang forward today, but I feel bit up and exhausted. Instead of saving an hour it feels like I just lost few. It has been few hours and I still can’ t adjust to our new time yet. We … Continue reading

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I think Punxsutawney Phil lied.

“Where is your accent from”? Russia “Oh, you must love this cold weather, you must love this snow”. Are you on drugs? Just because I am Russian does not mean that I love cold winters, love drinking vodka and love … Continue reading

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