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Hot Pastrami.

One of the “bad” parts of immigration is losing your heritage. We try so hard all these years to assimilate, to lose an accent, to find a good job, to fit in and then one day¬† we realize we achieved … Continue reading

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The story of an old rug.

So way, way back in the old country none of us had much of anything, some of you who read my old posts know that everyone had kind of the same stuff, so to speak. The biggest difference in peoples’ … Continue reading

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International Women’s day and Purim.

International Women’s Day and Purim happens to be on the same day this year – what does it mean? More food, that’s all! The idea of an International Women’s Day first arose in the early 20th century, and it is … Continue reading

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Chmaxing for Rosh Hashanah!

Every self-respected Jew on the night of Rush Hashanah is sitting down with his family and close friends for dinner. The dinner should consist of the most delicious Jewish food on the planet; and yes, if you make Gefilte fish … Continue reading

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The Best of Detroit!

Yesterday we finally visited the Worlds Oldest Jazz Club and saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears what many Detroiters already saw and heard! Ladies and Gentlemen…here is the Baker’s Keyboard Lounge! They first opened their … Continue reading

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Chmaxing for Passover!

It’s Passover time and that means¬† spring is here, even though there is snow on the ground. Passover is a wonderful family holiday, even though eating Matzoh for the next 8 days could be very challenging. I have a confession … Continue reading

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Womens day vs. Ponchki day….

While the world celebrated the International Women’s day on March 8th. we here in America celebrated Ponchki day! Hmmmmmmm… Any thoughts?!

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